Descendants of John Hembree

Second Generation

2. Ezekiel Hembree (John ) was born on 14 Jul 1802 in Spartanburg County, South Carolina. He died on 29 Dec 1883 in Knox County, KY.

Ezekiel married Phebe Goodin. Phebe was born about 1808 in KY.

They had the following children:

+ 12 F i Sarah A Hembree was born about 1826.
+ 13 M ii Thomas S Hembree was born about 1828.
+ 14 M iii Nelson A Hembree was born about 1831.
  15 F iv Mildred T Hembree was born about 1833 in KY.
  16 M v John James Hembree was born about 1835 in KY.
        John married Sarah Ann Girdner on 22 Aug 1856 in Knox Co., KY. Sarah was born about 1841 in KY.
  17 F vi Nancy L Hembree was born about 1837 in KY.
+ 18 F vii Rebecca M Hembree was born on 6 Jul 1839 and died on 23 Jan 1925.
  19 M viii Milton G Hembree was born on 30 Jun 1841 in KY. He died on 24 Aug 1917 in Knox Co., KY and was buried on 26 Aug 1917 in Davis Cemetery.
        Milton married Catherine C Bays, daughter of James Bays and Edna Roberts, on 18 Feb 1890 in Knox Co., KY. Catherine was born on 8 Feb 1858 in KY. She died on 6 May 1936 in Knox Co., KY and was buried in Pope Graveyard, Barbourville, KY.
  20 F ix Mary M Hembree was born on 19 Jan 1844 in Knox Co., KY. She died on 4 Jan 1919 in Whitley Co., KY and was buried on 5 Jan 1919 in Davis Graveyard.
        Mary married James Hansford Miller on 24 Jan 1870 in Knox Co., KY.
  21 F x Charlotte Mahala Hembree "Lotty" was born on 15 Jan 1846 in Knox Co., KY.
        Lotty married William Hayden Jenkins. William was born in 1846. He died in 1924.
  22 F xi Susan V Hembree was born about 1847 in KY.
  23 F xii Telitha Hembree was born about 1850 in KY.
+ 24 F xiii America Ellen Hembree was born on 19 Jul 1852 and died on 2 Jan 1934.
  25 M xiv Martin Hembree was born about 1855 in KY.
  26 M xv James C Hembree was born about 1860 in KY.

5. John Hembree (John ) was born about 1809 in Knox County, KY.

John married Olivia Laws "Ollie". Ollie was born about 1806 in KY.

They had the following children:

  27 F i Amanda B Hembree was born in 1830 in Knox County, KY.
  28 F ii Catherine Hembree was born in 1833 in Knox County, KY.
+ 29 M iii Berry Hembree was born in 1835.
  30 F iv Martha Hembree was born in 1836 in Knox County, KY.
+ 31 F v Rebecca Hembree was born in 1838.
  32 F vi Jemimia Hembree was born in 1841 in Knox County, KY.
+ 33 M vii William Hembree was born in Apr 1842 and died on 14 Nov 1911.
+ 34 M viii John Hembree was born on 1 Mar 1844 and died on 8 Sep 1929.
  35 F ix Phoebe Hembree was born in 1845 in Knox County, KY.
+ 36 M x Ezekiel Hembree was born on 24 Sep 1847 and died on 17 Jul 1927.
  37 M xi James Hembree was born in 1848 in Knox County, KY.
  38 F xii Patsa Hembree was born about 1835.

8. James Hembree (John ) was born on 18 Jan 1818 in Knox County, KY. He died on 18 Aug 1894 in Scott County, TN.

James married Catherine. Catherine was born about 1825 in KY.

They had the following children:

  39 F i Rebecca Hembree was born about 1842 in KY.
  40 F ii Margaret Hembree was born about 1844 in KY.
  41 F iii Phebe Hembree was born about 1848 in KY.
  42 F iv Sarah Hembree was born in 1850 in KY.

11. Lucinda Laws Hembree (John ) was born in 1822 in Knox County, KY.

Lucinda married Green Clay? Gibson, son of Jesse Gibson and Theresa Goodin, on 5 Sep 1859 in Knox Co., KY. Green was born in 1829 in KY.

They had the following children:

  43 F i Rhetta/Jenetta Gibson was born on 20 Oct 1854 in KY. She died on 20 Oct 1916 in Bell Co., KY.
+ 44 M ii Green C Gibson Jr was born on 10 Mar 1853 and died on 3 Apr 1925.
  45 M iii John Alexander Gibson was born about 1858 in KY.
+ 46 M iv Isaac Gibson was born about 1861.
  47 F v Hulda Gibson was born about 1864 in KY.
  48 M vi Jesse Gibson was born about 1867 in KY.

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