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  Genealogy - East Tennessee & Southeast Kentucky   

Welcome to The purpose of this site is to share our family history information. Our information is to be used only as a genealogy guide. We have tried to be as accurate as possible, but we have been given information from many different family members and others researching their family history in our area. We have not had time to verify all of the information we have been given, so any additions or corrections are appreciated.

Our primary research is for families that settled in or around Loudon County, Tennessee and Bell County, Kentucky. Here are some of the surnames we are currently researching:

Brooks, Bull, Centers, Collins, Crawford, Daniel, Danner, Ellison, England, Evans, Gibson, Golden, Hembree, Ingram, Jackson, Jenkins, Johnson, Lambert, Lane, Lanter, Mason, Messer, Miracle, Moody, Overton, Partin, Poore, Guinn, Ralston, Raper, Ratledge, Roark, Shackleford, Stooksbury, Walker, Wilder and Williams